This is my WHY.



Everyone has a different reason as to why they write. For me it is a release. I also use my writing to reach others. So often you read something and recognize – ” that’s me”.

I have reworked the title, I’m working everyday to grow and learn, how to effectively reach people. My goal is to help even just one person. If I do it, I have accomplished my purpose.

My story sadly is not rare. All to often people accept the mistreatment and abuse and remain a victim all on their own accord for various reasons.  Sometimes you feel as if you have no other choice because you have tried before and failed and the consequences were too great to try again.  You choose to have a life of torment and remain the victim. In the same way you can choose to walk in VICTORY.  That is what I want you to know.  That where you find the will you will find the way.  The main point I want to impart to anyone in a position where they feel trapped for one reason or another; no matter the reason, ASK FOR HELP.  Do not remain silent.  Talking to someone about what you are going through, no matter how many times you have to do it, at some point, you will get the help.  Someone bigger and badder than the oppressor you have in your life right now keeping you down can and will help you get out.

Even if that person is YOU!

All paths will present challenges. You’re going to fight either way. I encourage you fight for your freedom , fight for the life that was meant for you. You don’t deserve this and you may think you do or that you have no choice. It’s common to place the actions of others on our backs to excuse their actions. STOP!  Nobody deserves to be abused, oppressed, threatened, manipulated or coerced into living a life that keeps you in constant fear.  You  have to accept that this is not your fault, and you want the life God has intended for you. A life of goodness , joy and peace.

I want to remind you. Whatever you’re facing. No matter how bad it seems. Hopeless , helpless and frightened. You can be free. Nobody promised life would be easy but with the help of God He will give you strength and guide your steps.

There is a way out.  All you have to seek it. You have to desire to be fully free from those victimizing you and FULLY walk away.

imageOnce the flip is switched, you will not be able to accept the irrational behaviors of others. We all have different points when that is reached. I’m here to help flip that switch.

So this is my why. Choose victory. The life you’re living is not yours. Boldly go in the direction of your dreams, you can’t even imagine what great things God has in store for you.

  • Jeremiah 29:11 says , ” for I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a good life filled with love and peace, plans to bless you . Victory in the final outcome.”

You choose, choose life – it is really a beautiful thing . You’ve missed enough of the beauty. Decide to find your way out.

Know you are never alone. He hears you’re every cry.


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