Owning My Truth

Stalkers, narcissistic sociopaths and abusers appear when we least expect them and always when we are at our most vulnerable.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other. Everyday.

A shaky marriage, mother of two and unhappy with life in general. I was perfect. Perfect for Him to weasel his way into my life. A master manipulator. Creative in his strategies and quick with his training of his new supply of making a strong confident yet vulnerable person into his servant and slave.

Vulnerability isn’t something you can see

I’m living proof that however hard someone as evil as He tried to break me he never completely broke me. He didn’t know who I really was only knew himself and the confidence he had and the experience born of tried and true methods. Because I rise today to a higher mountain than I’ve ever stood on before.

Being courageous enough to share my story is and was the way out of the absolute terror I was living.

I may have never found justice and I may never get it. I may never be able to save the next one or the next one after that, but there is hope. Hope in faith that God has blessed me. He has given me the gift of sight through all the paralyzing fear and the gift of courage and belief in self to not fall into the hundreds of little traps. Like a spider web I have been caught in it a few times, but his webs were not strong enough to keep me for the feeding.

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